What is Link Scheme in Google?

IPIX Solutions follows SEO guidelines of Google

IPIX Solutions follows the Google SEO guidelines, we start implementing SEO strategy while website development, we will consider the basics of SEO while developing new sites, Here in this article we would like to cover “Link Scheme” a Google SEO guideline in this post, usually every search engine has their own search engine optimization guidelines such as Yahoo and Bing the most use search engine after Google.

Google will penalize the website if it found you to be involved in manipulation of page rank by any link. It will be considered as Link Scheme. Link scheme is considered as violation of Google’s guidelines. It is not only the link which is coming to your site here they link which is going from your site will also consider as Link Scheme. There are other link scheme techniques which google will consider and penalize the site. Such as

  1. Buying and Selling Links: Google will consider buying and selling links for passing purpose of page rank then google consider it as Link scheme. This includes giving money for links, like some directory offer paid listing for your website this will consider as Link scheme other techniques such as exchanging goods and services for link exchange like sending sample product to someone and telling them to write about your product and giving a link to your page.
  2. Doing some excessive exchange of the link: such as giving link on behalf of getting links to your site, or getting links from the other partner site for the only sake of link building.
  3. Using Rich Anchor Text: if we use so many rich anchor text and try to write so many articles with the same anchor text and do a lot of guest posting for the sake of getting more links to your site google will consider this activity as Link Scheme.

Anchor text use by IPIX Solutions

4. Using automated Programs: There are so many automated programs present in markets such as “submit your link more than 1000 sites”, or “submit your site to 1000 directories”, or producing the content on the basis of the keywords that will consider as automated programs and google will consider this activity as Link Scheme.

IPIX Solutions never use automated Programs for submitting link


If you put your site link to a site without the permission of the owner of the site, then that link will be consider to be as unnatural links and this kind of link will violate the guidelines of the Google, there are some other practices which google consider as unnatural link such as-

  1. Using that kind of advertisements which will pass the page rank to the site.
  2. An article which will be paid and pass the page rank to a site.
  3. Using optimized anchor text in article and press releases which will be distributed to the other sites.
  4. Using directory or bookmarking site with low quality or irrelevant category for links.
  5. Using low quality links, keyword rich links or hidden links in widgets on the site and distribute across other sites.
  6. Distributing the links in the footers and templates of the various sites, for example, making WordPress templates with links in them.
  7. Commenting on forums and blogs with do-follow link with optimized anchor text in post and signature.

To save your site to not come under the Link scheme you can use following things to save your site such as:

  1. Adding rel=”nofollow” attribute in the <a> tag
  2. You can redirect a link to an intermediate page which is blocked for search engine with a robots.txt file.

If you have any information about any site with is participating in these kind of activity you can report them to google and google will use your information to improve their algorithm to track or detect that kind of links. So if now onward you get a mail saying you will get a link for some money or for exchange keep your site away from if you competitor or google knows this that will be hard for your business.

Content reference has taken from Google Guidelines.

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