Best Practices for Responsive Web Design

Based on the new algorithm updates and news Google is confirming that responsiveness has become one of the most important factors of ranking. Interestingly Google give prior importance to mobile searches than desktop search, because of the hike in mobile browsing.  And they are planning different indexing for mobile search results and desktop searches. Here mobile search become prior important than desktop search results. So it’s important for a web designing company to ensure that their websites can adapt to variety of devices having different screen size. Responsiveness is all about adjusting the design layout while maintaining content and functionality. But sometimes it’s really challenging to create effective responsive designs; here we list out some best practices to follow while doing responsive designs.

Planning is of prior importance while looking into responsive design. As per the increasing trend in mobile search traffic it’s better to go for ‘mobile first’ design approach. This is doesn’t mean that we are completely ignoring desktops.

While optimizing the layout give attention in placing the content. Place each element based on their context and eliminate unwanted graphic features. Encourage scrolling and place social media icons and contact details on the top portion of the screen. Different content on the site require different layouts. Contents must be readable, too small fonts are not accepted. Background color and color of links must be highlighted.

Images play an important role in website design. Fit content next to an image and ensure image comes first, look at what the experts are doing here WordPress web design Perth Australia so you get an idea. Large images reduce the downloading speed and use horizontal swiping to move images when you include galleries. Navigation is one of the most laborious tasks in responsive design. Hidden navigation- a burger icon indicating the presence of menu is common in mobile sites.

Finally check your design in various screen sizes and on different platforms. This helps to point out the errors correctly and make changes in the design. Best web design company always be aware of the latest developments in this field and deliver well organized, structured design to their clients.

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