Top Mobile App Development Trends


We all are aware of the changing trends in all corners of technology, when we are focusing in app development field the plans and strategies are getting changed overtime. The adoption and practice of latest trends will result in the generation of creative and unique designs. When this comes to mobile app development in India industry goes through rapid changes due to the launch of new gadgets and latest development methodologies. If you’re in search of newer trends in mobile app development, let we tell you frankly, this article is gonna help you.

Cloud Based Apps

The cloud’s compatibility feature enables users to access and sync data with other devices.  Most of the companies transfer their application to cloud platform due to the increased security and recovery offered to the data.

Enhanced Security

Most of the apps supports best functionalities but lacks security offerings to the data. Interestingly now-a-days users give prior importance to security than functionality, and they are ready to pay more to keep their data safe.  So for better user satisfaction designers must adopt enhanced security practices to secure their applications.

Major shift to SWIFT

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple to work with cocoa touch framework which is safer than Objective C. Swift enables developers to write more reliable code and aids to create better apps with rich user experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Most of the mobile app development companies give preference to IoT, and above half of the total apps now available in the market is already being involved in any form IoT.  And now companies focus on developing apps for IoT by forecasting the huge business and sales in this field.

Beacon Technology

Apple introduces their iBeacon protocol that enables smartphones and other devices to perform activities in close proximity to an iBeacon. Location based service applications are becoming popular now-a-days in healthcare, hotel and tourism areas that provide relevant location based information to users. With the introduction of iBeacons most of the companies are trying to establish this technology in the near future.

Most of these trends in the mobile app development are changing overtime with the introduction of new technology. So it’s essential to implement new ideas and strategies in an effective manner to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

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