Pros and Cons of Single Page Websites


The demands for web applications are increasing day by day. Old web applications are revamped into new ones inorder to satisfy the client requirements. Throughout these periods web designs have changed a lot. New techniques, tools, ideas and requirement leads to develop new web design strategies. Web design company in India always meets the demand of their clients by assuring a secure and elegant design that helps to create a business identity to them.

Presently the world is shifting from desktop applications to mobile application domain. This leads designers to move from multi-page websites to single page websites. Single page websites also called as parallax scrolling websites present information in a linear fashion by avoiding page navigation. But still most of the sites are based on multi-page navigation. Some of the pros and cons of single page websites are being discussed here.
-Encourage smart phone scrolling
-More fluid design
-Content can be presented in simple, easy and linear fashion
-More images can be included thus keep visitors engaged on the site
-Better conversion rate than multi-page websites
-Cost saving
-Longer loading time
-Not good for blog oriented websites
-Difficult to add new information
-Doesn’t suit for link building
By analyzing these all facts web designing companies in India suggest corresponding design pattern to their clients. But it’s better not to combine single page and multi-page websites which is not very beneficial.

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