Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website


WordPress is considered as the most popular content management system and it is much more than a blogging platform. More than 24% of the web is powered by WordPress and getting increased every day. Most of the web design company in India still prefers WordPress for creating simple blogs, but WordPress is capable of delivering fully functional websites and mobile applications. WordPress is an online, open source web creation tool written in PHP supported by thousands of plugins. Here are some features that makes WordPress the best CMS platform.

  • Free and Open source

WordPress is maintained by a large community of developers. And is frequently updated with new features. Business websites can be developed in most cost effective manner with the help of WordPress. WordPress provides numerous free tools and plugins which make it favorite among web designers in India.

  • Search Engine Optimized

WordPress itself implement several search engine friendly techniques and free plugins. This helps to fasten the SEO process

  • Ease of Use and Quick Installation


Beginners find it easy to use and learn WordPress with the aid of various WordPress tutorials. Many web hosts offers one click WordPress installers that let you to install WordPress.

  • Themes and plugins

The thousands of free templates and plugins offered by WordPress platform makes it most popular among designers and developers. WordPress themes are easy to customize even without writing any code, the highly flexible plugins offers additional functionality to WordPress.

All these factors make WordPress the best choice among web development company . In additionally WP provides multilingual facilities and can be easily published.

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